“Nexus was able to elevate a strategy that one small group discovered ... and now major institutions are using that methodology. Nexus does this discovery and then elevates and connects it to wider systems.”

Board of Directors

Jodi Bantley, Co-Chair, Grants Review Committee Member
Community Engagement Coordinator for Civic & Community-Based Learning, Metro State University

Gordon Goodwin, Co-Chair
Midwest Region Project Manager of Race Forward, Government Alliance on Race & Equity

Grover Jones, Treasurer,
Finance Committee Member
Business Development Consultant

Pat Seppanen, Secretary
Evaluation Consultant

Michelle Arndt, Finance Committee Member
Financial Consultant

Paul Robinson
Former Director, James P. Shannon Leadership Institute, Wilder Foundation

Trish DeAnda
Executive Vice President, Neighborhood Development Center

Owen Duckworth, Grants Review Committee Member
Director of Organizing & Policy, The Alliance

David Rubedor
Director, Neighborhood and Community Relations, City of Minneapolis

Pakou Hang
Executive Director, Hmong American Farmers Association

Elaine Rasmussen
CEO, Social Impact Strategies Group