Black Community Trust Fund

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We are seeking an advisory committee of diverse Black community members to help us design the Black Community Trust Fund—including the grant criteria, application process, and distribution system. We have some ideas but not all of the answers. We do know that we want this money to endure and reach as many Black people as possible and with the committee’s experiences, skills, and expertise. Email us at with questions.

Applications are now closed. 

Nexus Community Partners is honored to be selected by the Bush Foundation to establish a Community Trust Fund that will direct $50 million in Black communities in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

This opportunity to invest in the building of Black wealth comes in direct response to the systemic inequities Black people have faced from slavery to the present today. We recognize the generations of Black folks working to create economic justice, the many organizations in our community that have been advocating on Black people’s behalf, and the ancestors who persevered in the face of impossible hardship. We thank them for creating the foundation we now stand upon. And we look forward to partnering with others in this work.

Today, the fund is in its earliest stages of development. Because these funds are for the Black community, we trust the community to shape the process for how they will be shared. In 2022, we will convene Black community members from the region to design this process of redistribution. Through the design phase, we will answer many questions about the fund, from the application process to the selection criteria. One thing is for sure though: the Community Trust Fund goes directly to Black individuals and families to build wealth.

We are excited to listen to the community, as well as local organizations, and prioritize their voices in the shaping of this Community Trust Fund. We know that we cannot do this work alone. We expect to launch the Community Trust Fund in 2023.

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