Black Community Trust Fund

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Last fall we made a major announcement. Nexus Community Partners was selected by the Bush Foundation to establish a Community Trust Fund that directs $50 million to Black communities in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to redistribute these deserved resources to everyday Black folks working to provide for their families, run small businesses, tend to their wellbeing, and so much more. And because we understand the potential impact that $50 million can have on our community, we wanted to take a moment to share what this opportunity means for us and how we hope it supports Black folks across the Upper Midwest.

Today, the fund is in development. Because these funds are for the Black community, we trust the community to shape the process for how they will be shared. We are in the process of convening Black community members from the region to design this process of redistribution. (Meet the community advisory committee here!Through the design phase, we will answer many questions about the fund, from the application process to the selection criteria. One thing is for sure though: the Community Trust Fund goes directly to Black individuals and families to build wealth.

We are excited to listen to the community, as well as local organizations, and prioritize their voices in the shaping of this Community Trust Fund. We know that we cannot do this work alone. We expect to launch the Community Trust Fund in 2023.

Since 2004, Nexus Community Partners has been working to build Black wealth for Black communities in the Twin Cities and across the state. To us, Black wealth building is about creating spaces and opportunities that help all Black people to thrive. Of course, this means having access to enough money to meet our needs, but also having the resources to invest in our dreams and ensure that our families will be taken care of for generations to come.

With this $50 million Community Trust Fund, Nexus has the chance to provide a return on the investment Black folks have long made to this country. Black folks know that the United States was built on the backs of our ancestors. And that from slavery to today, we have been exploited out of trillions of dollars of wages, time with our loved ones, and the space to have loving, healthy relationships with ourselves, making it nearly impossible to center our healing.

We also know that $50 million dollars is not enough to solve all the challenges that we face.

At best, it is a seed that can grow into something beautiful. And that is what Nexus is trying to do with this money. We want to create a fund that returns money directly to Black folks so they can build something long-lasting for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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4 things to know about the Community Trust Fund

  1. These resources are for Black residents (descendants of enslaved Black Americans) in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. This money will go directly to the hands of everyday Black folks, not organizations.
  2. We aim to be as transparent and inclusive as possible. Nexus is hosting information sessions for Black folks across the region to share their thoughts on how these resources should be distributed. This fund and its processes will be heavily influenced by the community, as well as the fund’s advisory committee.
  3. We need your help to decide what Black Wealth Building means, together. We know that we want this money to endure and reach as many Black people as possible. Help us consider what our communities could look like if we had more abundant resources.
  4. The Community Trust Fund will open for applications in Spring 2023.

We believe that this Community Trust Fund is our chance to help Black folks begin again. While this fund does not serve as reparations, it is a vital step toward returning to Black folks what is owed to us and our ancestors.


All qualifying Black residents in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota will be welcome to apply. This includes Black folks who are formerly incarcerated, LGBTQI+, poor, disabled, single, married, and more. By “Black” we are referring to descendants of formerly enslaved Black Americans (including descendants of Black families who experienced Jim Crow and 20th century redlining).