Change the way business changes hands.

Plan your succession on your terms
through worker ownership.

85% of business owners have no succession plan.

Two thirds of small businesses listed for sale never sell, and only 15% are passed on to family members. Acquisitions by larger firms or out-of-state buyers often lead to layoffs and restructuring.

But a local buyer may be closer than you think.

More and more owners are selling to those who know their business best—their employees. An employee buy-out gives you a competitive sales price, while securing a future for your legacy and the people who helped you build it.

Join over 7,000 employee-owned firms nationwide.

Happy Earth

Industry: Residential Cleaning
Employees: 20

“It’s a great chance to see hard working people get the equity they deserve.”

Zach Dennis

A Slice of New York

Industry: Restaurant
Employees: 3

“It has been incredibly rewarding to give our employees the opportunity to own their own business.”

Kirk Vartan

Select Machine

Industry: Machinery
Employees: 13

“These are our guys, our family, and we wanted them to keep on working.”

Bill Sagaser

What kind of companies are best suited to become employee-owned?


5+ Employees


Engaged Employees


Strong Market Future

Worker ownership creates new possibilities for you, your business, employees and community.


For sellers:

A competitive sales price
Tax benefits
Leave a legacy


For employees:

Shared risks and rewards
Increased investment in business
Greater net worth and job security


For business:

Less turnover
Improved longevity
Financial stability


For communities:

Builds wealth
Anchors jobs locally
Expands ownership opportunities

Because “business as usual” was never your forte.

How long does the process take?

Between 12-18 months, depending on readiness, speed of decision-making, and complexity of the sale.

You don’t have to choose between people and profits.

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.

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