Danielle Mkali

Danielle Mkali

Director of Cooperatives, Transformation, and Healing

Pronouns: she/her
Started at Nexus: 2013
(651) 289-7031

At Nexus:

I am the Director of Community Wealth Building who joined Nexus in February 2013. My job is to explore, stay curious, listen, work with and convene many tremendous projects, programs and organizations doing excellent community engagement and asset- and wealth building work led by people of color and American Indians in Minneapolis. I direct Nexus North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship and coordinate the Green Zone Health Impact Assessment steering committee.


My work has revolved around the simple and powerful notion that we, the people hold the insights and solutions to the problems we face and hold a responsibility to create them. Joining Nexus provided me with an opportunity to elevate this work with a great team that shares this worldview. For the past 12 years, I’ve lead youth organizing efforts, helped launch SPEAC, a community organizing training program in the  Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, and served as a media justice and communications program director working locally and nationally. When I’m not at Nexus, I am with my husband, chasing, eating, playing or reading with our five children in North Minneapolis.

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In no particular order: ancestors, children, art, music, great books and mother earth.