Karen Quiroz

Karen Quiroz

Director of Philanthropic Partnerships

Pronouns: She/her
Started at Nexus: 2021

At Nexus:

I fundraise for our work with an eye toward encouraging philanthropy to follow Nexus’ values-base, relational approach to resourcing social justice movements. Resourcing isn’t just about money. It is also about taking the time to build trust through mutual practices of transparency, kindness, and respect.


Prior to Nexus, Karen worked at the Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy. There, she dove deep into the connections between the ways exploitative systems concentrate wealth in fewer and whiter hands, locally and globally. Outside of work, Karen is a musician who builds community through Brazilian roots music. She is drawn to music because of the ways it reconnects us deeply with culture and embodies other worlds. Other than that, she is busy raising two boys, dancing Samba and swimming whenever she gets the chance.