Sherine Onukwuwe

Sherine Onukwuwe

Program Associate, Open Road Fund

Pronouns: she/her
Started at Nexus: 2023


Sherine Onukwuwe is a media producer, photographer, vocalist and graduate of Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program. Her career as a producer in front of and behind the camera spans over 30 years.

She has produced numerous documentaries for a variety of nonprofits, government agencies, small businesses and fellow creatives. She engages in work that seeks to uproot gender bias, racism, classism and any other ism that gives leeway to false narratives and unjust practices.

She is a former Archie Givens African American Literature Fellow and a Midwest Emmy Award Winner for Best Conversational TV Series.

On a personal note she is always game for a chat about good music, food, travel, history and horoscopes. She’s a mama to a K-drama fanatic and a hostage to a tyrannical feline named Lavender.


"Progress comes from caring more about what needs to be done than about who gets the credit." ~ Dorothy Height