Nexus Sabbatical Program

We are excited to announce that the Nexus Sabbatical Program for Black, Indigenous, POC communities is in development! The program will officially launch in 2023. For the next year (2022-2023), Nexus will engage people from diverse BIPOC communities to develop this program from the ground up.

We know that no one person or organization can develop this program alone. That is why we will be spending a full year carefully and thoughtfully engaging community before the program even begins—and compensating folks for their time, expertise, and guidance.

Right now, we are starting with a vision—wellness, rest, and rejuvenation for BIPOC folks creating transformative change in their communities. The BIPOC folks leading this work must heal and rest to protect their well-being and bodies. But we know that oppressive systems can make it incredibly difficult.

With the Nexus Sabbatical Program, we hope to make it easier. Supporting leaders to take the rest that they need not only helps them find new energy, vision, and insight, but also helps strengthen and build the capacity of organizations and movements.

We are excited to share that Isadora Collins, project management consultant with Maude, will be facilitating and guiding the development of this program!

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