Resources for Current BCLI Fellows

Boards & Commissions in the Twin Cities

There are over 100 boards and commissions in the Twin Cities on which residents can serve and create meaningful change for our community.

Below are the links to the full list of boards and commissions in local  and state government entities:

City of Brooklyn Park Boards and Commissions: “The City of Brooklyn Park depends on citizen volunteers to advise elected officials and help them govern effectively.”

City of Brooklyn Center Commissions: “An advisory commission member must be a resident of Brooklyn Center and shall have a broad range of interests relative to the commission’s purpose.”

City of Minneapolis Boards and Commissions: “The City of Minneapolis has over 50 volunteer based boards, commissions and advisory committees; and appoints over 400 of 600 members. The City actively seeks applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

City of Saint Paul Boards and Commissions: “The City of Saint Paul has over 30 boards and commissions to which the Mayor and the City Council appoint members. These boards and commissions cover a wide range of topics and appeal to a variety of interests, from public safety, education, and housing to economic development.”

Hennepin County Citizen Advisory Boards: “The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners appoints citizens and local officials to serve on the county’s citizen advisory boards, task forces and committees through an open appointments process.”

Ramsey County Advisory Boards and Committees: Ramsey County has over 25 boards and committees.

Metropolitan Council Advisory Committees:  The Metropolitan Council has several boards, commissions and advisory committees which may include local elected officials, representatives of partnering organizations, members of the public with expertise in specific areas, and people who represent specific geographic areas

State of Minnesota Agencies, Boards and Commissions: The State of Minnesota has over 200 boards and commissions. The vast reach and impact of the many state boards touch on all aspects of the lives, commerce and regulation of many things in our every day environment, from criminal justice to economic development, housing and more. The appointing authority to each board varies, from the governor to a cabinet official, but all applications go through the Office of the Secretary of State.

BCLI Target Board & Commission Seats

BCLI staff are very intentional about narrowing the above lists of all possible boards and commissions in the Twin Cities, and targeting a select few that have power and influence, and a range of professional experience levels. The BCLI targets board and commission seats that impact equity in our five core issue areas: economic development, health, housing, transit and workforce development.

City of Brooklyn Center

  • Financial Commission
  • Housing Commission
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Planning Commission

City of Brooklyn Park

  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Citizen Long-range Improvement Committee
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

City of Minneapolis

  • Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee (CLIC)
  • Citizen’s Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC)
  • Civil Rights Commission
  • Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council
  • Housing Board of Appeals
  • Minneapolis Arts Commission
  • Minneapolis Workforce Council
  • Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC)
  • Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Health Advisory Committee
  • Public Housing Authority Board
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment

City of Saint Paul

  • Board of Water Commissioners
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Business Review Council (BRC)
  • Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) Committee
  • Community Health Services Advisory Committee
  • Cultural STAR Board
  • Food and Nutrition Commission
  • Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity Commission
  • Neighborhood STAR Board
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Housing Agency
  • Transportation Committee
  • Truth in Sale of Housing Board of Evaluators

Hennepin County

  • Capital Budgeting Task Force
  • Hennepin County Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
  • Human Resources (HR) Board

Ramsey County

  • Capital Improvement Program Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Continuum of Care Governing Board
  • Human Services Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)
  • Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board (WIB)

Metropolitan Council Committees

  • Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC)
  • Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission (MPOSC)
  • Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Advisory Committee (TAB)

State of Minnesota

  • American Indian Advisory Council
  • Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage
  • Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans
  • Crime Victims Reparations Board
  • Food Safety & Defense Task Force
  • Governor’s Workforce Development Council
  • Housing Finance Agency
  • Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs
  • State Advisory Council on Mental Health
  • Urban Initiatives Board

The BCLI does NOT target nonprofit boards. But there are lots of nonprofit board opportunities in the Twin Cities – some of which are passed along to Nexus to share with our networks. We will post these as they come along below.

Check out Board Repair – “Organized by and for people of color, Board Repair’s mission is to create a more effective non-profit sector by increasing participation of people of color on boards.”