Community Wealth Building

Community Wealth Building (CWB) works to build just and equitable communities by promoting local and broad-based ownership; lifting up cooperative and culturally-based economic practices; developing the next generation of leaders; and influencing economic policy and investment decisions.

CWB is guided by a set of values and principles rooted in equity, culture, mutuality and stewardship. Click here to learn more about our CWB values and principles. It is driven by the belief that economic systems must shift away from extractive models towards strategies that build regenerative local economies.

Our Community Wealth Building Initiatives

Business Conversions to Worker Ownership

Nexus is partnering with the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) and Oakland-based Project Equity to change the face of business ownership in the Twin Cities through conversions of privately-held businesses to worker cooperatives. The partnership models Project Equity’s national work by raising awareness, building a pipeline of potential conversions, securing sustainable sources of capital and providing technical assistance to current owners and future cooperatives members. Click here to learn more about Business Conversions.

Community Wealth Building AmeriCorps VISTA Cohort

The project is a partnership with the Phillips Family Foundation’s C3 Twin Cities VISTA program that engages a cohort of four organizations focused in the areas of food justice, social enterprise, people-centered workforce development and housing and commercial land trusts. Cohort organizations include Appetite for Change, City of Lakes Community Land Trust, Merrick Community Services and the Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON). The project works to build the next generation of leaders who will carry forward CWB as a means to eliminate racial and economic disparities.

Cooperative Learning Series

A 2-part learning series highlighting culturally-rooted cooperative economics, the role cooperatives play in society and are exposed to the phases of development. Attendees also have the opportunity to network with people of color and indigenous leaders engaged in cooperative efforts.

Culturally-based TA Providers Cohort

A five-month cohort-based program providing culturally-centered training on cooperative development. Practitioners work with local and national consultants to learn about the processes unique to cooperative business development.  Cohort alumni also receive on-going support and exposure to cooperative efforts around the country.

North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship

North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship is a 4-month, cohort-based program, which will provide participants with a history of cooperative economics in the Black community, while receiving technical skills and support for emerging cooperative business ideas. Click here to learn more about the North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship.