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North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship Cohort 6

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Applications will be accepted through September 12th, 2021 at 11:59pm. We are unable to consider applications received after that date. Please note that all the members from one cooperative that wish to participate in North Star must submit an individual application.
If you'd like to submit a video response the questions, please email it to Please take care to answer all the questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

The North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship is a 7 -month fellowship focused on Black American Cooperative Economics. North Star is centered on the history of Black cooperative economic thought and practice.

Black Economic cooperation has been foundational in the Black American freedom movement, from the underground railroad, to funding and supporting movement organizers and spaces. We developed the North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship to reconnect with our long-suppressed history of mutual aid and cooperative economics. 

North Star is a way to start living into a future of “Black wealth:” self-governance, spaces for healing, and an abundance of resources, including financial capital. To dismantle the rules that are rigged toward amassing wealth and power in fewer & whiter hands, we must approach Community Wealth Building from a reparative framework rooted in Black culture. We know from experience that economic development efforts that ignore culture are unsustainable  and lead to inevitable harm. Our culture is itself a critical resource for sustainable wealth creation.

Our 2022 - 2023 North Star Fellowship will focus on housing cooperatives and land trust models for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. As a cohort, fellows will explore the power and landscape of resident-controlled community ownership models that are permanently affordable and provide dignified housing options for our communities. We are forming a cohort of fellows that have a vision of collective living, permanently affordable, and community-controlled land and co-operative housing that will provide a space for our communities to have access to spiritual, cultural, and economically sound options

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We want to be mindful around creating a diverse learning experience, which starts with all of you! This application helps us to ensure there is a diversity of identities in this space. Disclaimer: The information provided will not be shared with external parties and will only be used for our internal application review process, assessing emergent needs, and preparing accommodations.

Access and Availability

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Program Dates

Please review the program dates for 2022-2023: 

  • Session 1: Saturday, October 29, 10am-2pm 
  • Session 2: Saturday, November 19, 10am-2pm 
  • Session 3: Saturday, December 10, 10am-2pm 
  • Black Study Session: Wednesday, December 14, 5pm-7pm 
  • Session 4: Saturday, January 21, 10am-2pm  
  • Black Study Session: Wednesday, February 1, 5pm-7pm 
  • Session 5: Saturday, February 11, 10am-2pm  
  • Session 6: Saturday, February 25, 10am-2pm
  • Session 7: Saturday, March 410am-2pm  
  • Session 8: Saturday, April 1, 10am-2pm 
  • Session 9: Saturday, April 29, 10am-2pm 
  • Black Study Session: Wednesday, May 3, 5pm-7pm 
  • Presentations: Saturday, May 20, 10am-2pm 
  • Graduation: Wednesday, May 24th, 5pm-7:30 pm