Our Strategy

The Nexus Worker Ownership Initiative (WOI) is a bold effort to change the face of business by promoting employee-owned business models. The Initiative builds community wealth, grows the region’s economy and encourages equitable economic opportunities. It advances worker ownership by seizing opportunities presented by the wave of retiring business owners in the Twin Cities.

Using an ecosystem approach, WOI brings together many stakeholders in the business landscape. The aim is to align technical knowledge, capital, and advocacy to build a more inclusive economy.

Public Sector Engagement

Shifting policies and practices at the local, county and state levels.

Private Sector Cultivation

Building relationships with business owners and advisors, and networking with trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Investment Capital

Ensuring access to capital and financial supports through CDFI’s, social investors, credit unions and banks.

Business Conversion Services

Providing professional services for owners throughout the process of selling a business to employees. To explore more about business conversions, view our services page, or visit our partner Project Equity.

Workforce Development

Embedding employee-owned business models in workforce and job creation efforts. 

Field Building

Contributing knowledge, evaluation tools and raising awareness in the field.

Awareness and Engagement

Working with community leaders, organizers and labor groups to activate their networks.

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Technical Assistance Partners

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