How We Can Help

We help business owners consider employee ownership in their succession planning. In partnership with Project Equity and other technical assistance providers, we consult on a wide range of business services that support the conversion process to employee-ownership.

Step 1 : Free Consultation

The conversion process starts with a free consultation. You can learn more about your options and the benefits of employee-owned business models.

Step 2 : Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is conducted by a third party. This lays the groundwork for determining the financial stability of a business and a potential sale price. An outline of the transition plan and timeline is developed.

Step 3 : Deal structure and employee training

Work begins on structuring a sales agreement. Funders are brought in to support the deal. Employee training begins using a proven process for preparing the prospective employee-owners to govern and operate the business.

Step 4 : Legal and Closure

The sales agreement is finalized and closed. The previous owner can opt to remain and either become a new employee-owner or a transition consultant.

Post-transition Services

Nexus and Project Equity also provide post-transition services to support the new employee-owners. This facilitates the start of solid governance and management practices, ensuring the success of the ongoing business.

The conversion process typically takes about 12-18 months. We make sure business owners and employees are supported throughout all stages.

You don’t have to choose between people and profits.

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation.

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