TBLMF Round 1 Grantees

  • February 4, 2021
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December 2020
Dear Community, 

In August 2020, we partnered with Black Visions to launch the Transformative Black-led Movement Fund (TBLMF). The goal of the TBLMF is to transparently and efficiently resource Black-led organizations and Black individuals in the Twin Cities. This fund was originally allocated $3.1 million, however through adaptation to clear need, it received an additional $2 million to let us invest in more community-led safety strategies now.

As of December 2020, TBLMF has given out $1.1M to individuals for mutual aid, covering rent, health care, school supplies and more. Additionally, TBLMF has awarded $2 million in grants to 68 organizations, collectives, artists, healers, organizers and more. Grantees, listed below, are responding to the political and cultural opportunity to defund police and are beginning the process of developing and implementing a shared vision of community-led safety. The TBLMF will distribute the remaining $2M in funding in the next round of grantmaking—look for these results on Nexus’ website in early 2021. 

A committee of trusted, experienced, and diverse Black community members (who are youth, LGBTQ, artists, community organizers, healers, and elders) made these decisions by ranking and voting after extensive discussion and review. 

It has been incredibly impactful to be able to learn about the all of the powerful and transformative work Black folks in the Twin Cities are doing. Right now, it is vital to be able to fund the work that Black folks are leading to develop and realize a shared vision of community-led safety for everyone. This funding is just a step towards building the future we need. We will keep building on this energy and on this moment together to create the world we need. Thank you.

The TBLMF Committee Members are Abena Abraham, Rox Anderson, Quincy Ballard, D.A Bullock, Adrienne Doyle, Tana Hargest, Janis Lane-Ewart, Denaisha Motley, Nekessa Opoti, Jason Sole and Tia Williams.

Please reach out to us at TBLMF@nexuscp.org with questions or concerns. 


Transformative and Healing Justice
30,000 Feet
Aisha Wadud+
Black Women Speak
Caafimaad Collective
Irreducible Grace Foundation
Kitana Holland+
Mankwe Ndosi+
Marcie Rendon+
Nykia Bible-Mrsich+
Restoration for All, Inc.
ROHO Collective
Root to Crown Healing & Wellness
The Subversive Sirens
Thomas Collins+
until we are all free

Economic and Cultural Justice
Abisola Jaiyesimi
Build Cooperative
Feven Ayana+
Joi Unlimited
Midwest Farmers of Color Collective
Open Road Solutions
Project DIVA
Shekinah Housing Services
SIR Boxing Club
Yordanose Solomone+

Organizing for a New Future
40 Acre Co-op
YO MAMA’S HOUSE Cooperative
Anika Bowie+
Awood Center
Black Family Blueprint
Black Market
Black Table Arts
BLCK Press
Britt Jackson+
Chauntyll Allen +
Cristalle Bowen+
Danielle Swift+
Elizabeth Bryant+
Free Black Dirt
Frogtown Tuned-In
Imhotep Science Academy
In Black Ink
KWST Behavioral Development Group
Lewis McCaleb +
MidWest Mixed
MN African American Heritage Museum and Gallery
New Justice Project MN
Nicole M. Smith+
Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute
Roxxanne O’Brien+
SocialWise Media Group
St. Paul Youth Services
Tangible Collective
Teighlor McGee+
The Agape Movement
Twin Cities Media Alliance
We IMPACT! and Morning Glory Montessori
WE WIN Institute, Inc.

Mutual Aid
Cocoa Butta Futures of the SPIRAL Collective